As a Sommelier, wine distributor, and member of numerous winery teams, Jimmy Kawalek has spent countless hours traveling the world tasting and, more importantly, traveling with wine. In all of those trips, Jimmy has tried nearly every "wine suitcase" and had to deal with shipping back numerous cases, often with less than stellar results. On a recommendation, he purchased 2 Transbottle TB6 units...and that was all it took. Jimmy sought the French manufacturer and arranged to become the exclusive distributor of Transbottle Wine carriers in the United States. 

The TransbottleUSA promise to you is simple: 

Every single carrier, in any size and material, is...

SAFE: Made from shock resistant, expanded Polypropylene.
AIRLINE APPROVED: Airline, FAA, TSA, and EASA compliant.
CONVENIENT: Reusable, easy to pack, and lightweight.