Traveling home for the Holidays or to that special business meeting and want to take the perfect bottle of wine with you?

The TB One is the carrier of choice!

Your bottles are safe from accidents, temperature fluctuations, or theft. Every one of our carriers is:

SAFE: Made from shock resistant, expanded Polypropylene.
AIRLINE APPROVED: Airline, FAA, TSA, and EASA compliant.
CONVENIENT: Reusable, easy to pack, and lightweight.

Dimensions: H392 X L161 X W132 mm
Weight: 0.30kg or .66lbs

Fits 99% of 750ml wine bottles (and many 1.5ml Magnums)

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NOTE: If you are visiting Napa Valley and want your TransbottleUSA carrier delivered to you, delivery will be arranged through Uber. Please make sure you chose Local Delivery during checkout and put your temporary Napa Valley address (e.g. hotel, AirBnB, etc) in as the shipping address.